About Mr. Fence

30 years ago, Dan Caporellie began selling and installing fences from his Jackson location. A resident of Jackson, Dan saw the opportunity to offer a service to his community. Thus, Mr. Fence was born. In 1984, he added sheds to the product line. Mr. Fence then moved to its current location, Freehold, NJ, in 1994, and has been a permanent structure there ever since. Mr. Fence has not only relocated to a more convenient spot, but also expanded their offerings to include many custom-made yard accessories.

Mr. Fence still specializes in their namesake – fences. They offer a wide variety of fences to fit every need. Most people in the market for fences want privacy around their home. In making a selection, the homeowner has to consider the purpose of the fence, the cost and how long they plan to stay in the home.

The most economical fence is spruce. It will look good from 8 to 12 years. The nicest looking wood is untreated cedar, which will last from 18 to 22 years. Mr. Fence carries over 100 different styles of cedar fencing. Chain link, aluminum and picket fences are just a few other types available.

A higher end material now being used to build fences is PVC. Dan had many different styles of PVC fences for his customers to choose from. PVC fences have a look similar to wood, yet it is maintenance free and carries a lifetime warranty!

Since being in Freehold, NJ, Dan has built an exclusive relationship with a lumber mill in Canada, known for its high quality cedar. Mr. Fence is the only New Jersey Company they will sell to. If a homeowner is looking for quality fencing and wants cedar, they should keep in mind that all cedar is not quality cedar. The best of that wood comes from Canada and one of the best lumber companies in that country, SWP Company in New Brunswick.

Another exclusive relationship Mr. Fence has established is with several Amish families in Pennsylvania who handicraft patio furniture, gazebos, wishing wells, swing-sets, arbors, lighthouses, and many custom yard accessories. The result: the finest Old World craftsmanship can be seen in backyards throughout New Jersey.

The Amish, known for their simplicity of living, plain dress and forging of modern conveniences, started selling handmade sheds to Dan Caporellie and Mr. Fence about 15 years ago. The relationship has grown over the years as the modern world has invaded their traditional livelihoods. With the increase in demand for quality outdoor furniture came the expansion of the beautifully handcrafted products they now offer.

Dan explains that their workmanship with “pressure-treated wood is superb. They use an inlaid rail system and the screws are put in underneath their wood-work”

Most of the wood products created by the Amish are trucked in weekly to Mr. Fence, and then delivered locally by Mr. Fence to their customers. If the item is more than 12 feet wide once assembled, it is delivered in pieces and the Amish will then come in to assemble it on site.

Swing-sets built by the Amish are a favorite. Vinyl swing set no maintenance, no splintering and will last a lifetime. Mr. Fence offers free installation and delivery on their vinyl swing sets. Also, Mr. Fence offers premium grade, pressure-treated wood, and all of the edges are rounded for safety. There are no square pieces, which can cause splinters. The swing-sets may have monkey bars, teeter-totters, slides, playhouses, or anything else you may want to add. Custom built sets are also available. Mr. Fence also offers vinyl swing-sets. They are wood constructed swing-sets coated in vinyl so you have the heaviness of a wood set and the pleasure of maintenance free.

One of the most popular products sold at Mr. Fence are gazebos. The latest use for them is to provide shelter for pools and spas. People want them screened in too deep out bugs, but many also want windows and heaters so they can enjoy them year round.

One way to achieve both needs is with a new product called rebound plastic. Unlike Plexiglas, the economical choice in windows, the rebound plastic can be opened and closed like windows in your home. The plastic is durable, will not puncture and will retain its shape at the touch. Rebound plastic is used along with screens, so if the windows need to be closed immediately, the screens do not need to be removed first.

Plexiglas, on the other hand, may be less costly, but only comes in one-sheet units. To switch from screen to window, the screens must be removed completely and replaced with Plexiglas sheet. This task may not be one you want to encounter if, for instance, it begins raining and you need to get the windows up right away. Both of these options are available with the gazebos and can be seen in Mr. Fence's showroom.

Many of the wooden products on display at Mr. Fence, such as gazebos, sheds, arbors, and decks are also now available in the PVC plastic just like the fences. Also like the fences, these PVC versions carry lifetime warranties.

Another unique item on display at Mr. Fence is the outdoor tiki bars. The tiki bars are made to withstand all seasons and offer a great spot to cool off on a hot day. Like the other wood products Dan carries, the tiki bars are beautifully hand-crafted. They are a great addition to any party or barbecue! Our line of everlast sheds are built on site for your convenience.

Mr. Fence also installs all of the fences they sell. Delivery and assembly are available on any of the products you purchase from Mr. Fence. If you prefer, kit forms can be used for the do-it-yourself option.

Dan also carries may other items at Mr. Fence. Portable and permanent dog kennels, runs, dumpster enclosures, horse paddocks, ornamental marble fountains, statues, tables, and a large variety of yard décor are available. The showroom, located on Route 9 South in Freehold, NJ, is open seven days a week. Dan is still on site and ready to assist his customers. Their hours are: Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, 11 a.m to 4 p.m. Credit cards are accepted.

When Dan’s children were younger dan was an active supporter of his township coaching baseball and football and other sports as well as working with his neighbors to build a better community for all. Dan started Mr. Fence 28 years ago in Jackson, and continues today to serve his hometown and central Jersey with quality products, professional installations and personalized service.

Visit Dan and his family at Mr. Fence today and browse their showroom. For directions, a free estimate or catalog, call Mr. Fence.