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Avalanche Layout #03

This A-Frame 5' x 5' Tower, stands at 5' High and has our Heavy-Duty Tarp roof for shade on those sunny days. Coming off the side of the tower you will see the 3 Position 8' High Swing Beam with 2 Soft Grip Belt Swings & A Soft Grip Full Bucket Baby Swing. Under the tower is our 3 Rope Tire Swing just waiting for you to take a spin. This playset also features 2 slides; 10' Wonder wave and 5' Sidewinder Enclosed Slide. For easy access this playset has a ladder w/ handrail, as well as a Cargo Net and Rockwall. Perfect for all ages!!

Platform Heights: 5'
Platform Dimensions: 5' x 5'
Overall Footprint: 23' x 17'
Recommended Size: 35' x 29'
Border: 128'
Wood Mulch: 13 Cu. Yd.
Rubber Mulch: 4 Tons