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5x5 Boulder Layout #01

Imagine the squeals of joy as your kids play outside on a playset. This playset has a 5' x 5' Platform for hanging out with friends out of the sun under the Gable Roof. At 5' high this tower is great for climbing up the step ladder or the Rockwall to the platform. This set also has a 10' Climbing Set for monkeying around. The 5' x 5' Sandbox under the tower is a great space for the young ones to hangout in the shade and play. It's 5' Enclosed Sidewinder Slide is sure to add great fun. On this playset you will find our 4 Position 8' High Swing Beam; Hanging from this beam you will find 2 Belt Swings w/ soft grips, a 2-person plastic glider w/ soft grips & Childs Seat. This set will stretch the kid's imagination and create memories to last for years.

Platform Heights: 5'
Platform Dimensions: 5' x 5'
Overall Footprint: 24' x 23'
Recommended Size: 36' x 35'
Border: 142'
Wood Mulch: 16 Cu. Yd.
Rubber Mulch: 5 Tons