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The Matterhorn Playset comes with a 5'x8' Platform that sits 5' off the ground and has a 5'x5' Heavy-Duty Tarp roof covering part of the deck. The 3 Position Swing Beam has two Belt Swings and our 2-person glider on it. That's not all. It also features a 10' Avalanche Slide, Ladder with Hand Rail, and a pair of Binoculars with plenty of room left for additional options to be added. Customize this set with the features you and your family dream of.

Platform Height: 5'
Platform Dimensions: 5' x 8'
Overall Footprint: 17' x 16'
Recommended Size: 29' x 28'
Border: 114'
Wood Mulch: 10 Cu. Yd.
Rubber Mulch: 3.5 Tons