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Castle Layout #01

This double tower playset has 5' & 7' High towers side by side. Both towers are 5' x 4', making the total size of the towers 5' x 8'. Under the 5' tower is a Sandbox area for hours of playing. Under the 7' tower is a Hammock swing w/ a floor under it; creating a perfect hangout for you while the kids play. On top of the towers, you will find 2 wood roofs creating shade from the sun. This playset has tons of fun features like a 7' Rockwall, 5' Cargo Net, 12' Ramp & 10' Climbing Set. On the 3 Position 8' High Swing Beam hangs 1 belt swing w/ soft grips, 1 trapeze w/ soft grips & a 2-person Plastic Glider w/ soft grips. That's not all, this set features poly slats on the towers and 2 slides; 10' Avalanche & 14' Avalanche. This set comes stained to help prolong the life of your playset. Imagine the hours of fun to be had on this playset.

Platform Height: 5' & 7'
Platform Dimensions: 5' x 4'
Overall Foot Print: 30' x 22'
Area Needed: 42' x 34'
Border: 152'
Wood Mulch: 18 Cu. Yd.
Rubber Mulch: 6 Tons