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Castle Layout #02

This double tower playset has a 5' High tower in the front and a 7' High tower in the back. Both towers have a platform size of 5' x 4', making the base size 5' x 8'. Under the towers you will find half of it covered in a deck and the other half a sandbox area. 2 heavy-duty tarps cover the towers; creating shade from the sun. Coming off the towers you will find 2 slides, a 10' Wonder Wave Slide and a 7' Tornado Tube Slide. On the 4 position, 8 High swing beam you will find 2 Belt Swings, 4 Chain Tire Swing and Full Bucket Child's Seat.

Platform Height: 5' & 7'
Platform Dimensions: 5' x 4'
Overall Foot Print: 19' x 22'
Area Needed: 31' x 34'
Border: 130'
Wood Mulch: 13 Cu. Yd.
Rubber Mulch: 4.5 Tons