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4x8 Denali Layout #03 - Amish

Our twin-platform 4x8 DENALI configurations sit at the top of the playset world. Towering fortresses of fun with TWO side-by-side, 4' x 4' towers and TWO slides! Exciting options include a 10' climbing frame, a more significant 7' rock wall, and an observation bubble panel. With our superior, heavyweight build and a multi-position swing beam, there's no need for taking turns! Packed with thrilling options, such as binoculars and a spotlight, the 4x8 DENALIs are designed for larger spaces and a gaggle of giggling children!

Tower Platform Height: 5' & 7'
Tower Platform Dimensions: (2) 4' x 4'
Overall Footprint: 26' x 23'
Recommended Playground Area: 38' x 35'
Border: 146'
Wood Mulch: 17 Cu. Yd.
Rubber Mulch: 4.5 Tons